Preparing for Worship: God You Are God

How often do we need to be reminded that God never changes? We might be able to answer that question verbally with a loud "yes"  but do we live and act if it is the truth?

I know it is true, but I am working on letting the truth rule my actions.

Tomorrow in our worship services we will use the song "God You Are God" which encourages us with truth that God never changes. I have posted a video below. As an intro to the song I jotted down the following:

There is no god like our God... He is in control... He is God in and through the good times and the rough times He is God when we think we need Him and when we rely on our own strength He is God who will pick us up when we fall He is God...the one and only... There is no God like our God.

Are you facing uncertain finances...God is here He will be with You Are you concerned about a health issue...God is here, He is Healer Is your mind filled with worry...God is here, He is peace

God will answer...wait God will heal...wait God will bring comfort...wait He is in control


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