Shared Leadership In Worship

Recently I attended a Hillsong United concert. As I looked around the room I realized I was in a very small minority...those over 50. I attended because as a worship leader I need to be aware of trends and forces that are making a positive impact on Christ-centered worship around the world. I believe I can safely say that Hillsong has had and continues to have a tremdous impact. We sing their songs and so do thousands of churches around the globe. Even out of my comfort zone there were a few things that impressed me about the night.

  1. The people of the band and vocals were engaged in the evening. I love it when the whole band is singing and not just concentrating on playing an instrument.
  2. There was not one main worship leader but most of the musicians on stage took a turn talking to and leading.

Here's the take away:

  1. I need to encourage all the members of the worship team, and that includes musicians, media, lights, sound to engage in worship. Everything they are doing is part of the experience and they will be able to minister effectively if they are active.
  2. I also need to train the on-stage people who minister with me to lead. Then I need to give them the opportunity to do so. I need to get out of the way.

One more take away:

I need to get our of my comfort zone and go to events where I might be the oldest one in the room.


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