Worship Leaders, Scriptures and Smartphones

As I was walking out of  church today I saw the following tweet referencing our services at ClearView:

"3 people read Scripture publicly during worship this morning. Each used their smartphones. Is this a good thing?"

Its good!

As Christ-followers we are told to learn about God and find instructions for our lives through the reading of His Word.

How long has it been that we have seen people carry a copy of God's Word with them everywhere they go? It is happening today because of the technology in smartphones.

Granted I see the importance of having a printed copy of God's Word for study because there really is nothing like writing notes in your personal copy of the Bible.

Some might say that we should use a printed Bible when we read scripture in church. Haven't we heard a similar thought in years past: 'we should only read from the King James version of the bible in church.'

Three members of our worship team were ask to read scripture as a part of our service today and for me it was okay that they used their smart-phones.

What do you think?

Here is our Sunday Setlist that list the songs and scriptures we used in worship.

Songs and Scripture

Father, Spirit, Jesus Its rare to find contemporary songs that mention the Trinity, this one does. We started this song with only vocals which was a good change to a band start. Our God How Great is Our God As the band held the last chord of previous song the vocals started this one. Isaiah 40:10-18 Romans 10:8-13 Ephesians 1:3-8 Because of Your Love This is a new song for us written by Phil Wickham. Today the worship choir introduced the song and once we got to a repeat of the chorus the congregation was asked to join.

Nothing But the Blood The arrangement of Because of Your Love ended with one stanza of this hymn. After a quick key change from A to E the congregation was asked to stand and sing the hymn.



Scripture and Song 2 Timothy 1:8-12 For Your Glory This is an original song from our team, we would love to share it with you. Comment and leave an email address and I will send you a copy. The song is hymn-like in 6/8

Sermon Our pastor was on vacation today and he had ask Eric Geiger to speak. Eric is the new Vice President of Church Resources at LifeWay. Before coming to LifeWay he was the executive pastor at Christ Fellowship in Miami Florida.


This post is my participation in the blog carnival Sunday Setlists which can be found at The Worship Community.


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