Highlights from Christ-Centered Worship

One of my new favorite books is Christ-Centered Worship, Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice, by Bryan Chapell. The book digs deep into the premise that the only thing that is non-negotiable in our worship is a re-telling of the Gospel, the story of God and His revelation to us. Today I was using this book as reference while planning worship services. I have highlighted the book heavily so a quick look reminds me of its the great content. The last chapter is titled: 'musical styles.' Here are some of the things that I highlighted:


At levels more deep than most of us can explain, music communicates our values, anchors our feelings, and expresses our hearts.


The music chosen to lead us to communion with heaven can create within us the deepest experiences of either inspiration or isolation.


The most important strategy of church leaders to pursue in uniting the church in worship is clear and regular articulation of gospel principles.


Eventually all churches will have their own traditions that subsequent generations will challenge.


The goal is not to sneak in the new music, but to give people time to adjust, give feedback, and learn how to love one another.


Every generation and people group needs to believe that it can contribute to the continuing life and worship of the church.


...virtually every great mission effort has profited by allowing words in different languages to be used with traditional hymn tunes.


All hymns were 'contemporary' when they were written. Some hymns we now consider noble were considered edgy in their day.


The few sentences I have shared above are from just the first pages of this chapter. I could keep going because the book is filled with excellent thoughts about worship.

Worship leaders let me encourage you to get a copy of this book and make your own highlights.

What other books on worship would you recommend?

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