Open vs Closed Leadership

Open vs Closed Leadership

We’ve all been there to witness those team members who get buy-in and support from every facet of the organization. What makes them a success? I believe one reason is their willingness to be open and share about what is happening on, in and because of their team.

Open leadership, communicating to your team and other teams in your organization invites feedback.

This can be frustrating but it also will help your team produce the best product or service. This type of leadership also encourages and gets buy-in from the whole organization.

Closed leadership, holding information about products, services or projects might be the easiest way to get something done.

However, you don't get buy-in, you don't get feedback and you don't get the best product.

*A reality about 'closed leadership;' the comments, critic and feedback are always waiting just under the surface. Because there is no invitation to engage in conversation about a product, program or service, there is little buy-in or support from co-workers.

It takes much more courage to be an open leader but the results are greater.

Take the risk, let everyone in your organization know what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish.

Listen to feedback, make adjustments and then go for it.

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