Worship Confession: Including Creeds, Confession and Assurance of Pardon

Last Saturday (September 24, 2011) I uploaded a post in the series "Preparing for Worship" titled Creeds, Confession and Pardon. In this series I try to provide for our congregation some thoughts and/or tools that would help them prepare for the weekend worship services. The title this week came from three elements that we chose to put in this week's service. These elements are often a part of our service but this weekend we decided to give them some extra emphasis. Two of these were emphasized in a prayer and the other in a scripture reading. Also I didn't want to be the one leading through these segments but other members of the worship team. Here is how we prepared them to lead:

  • during Wednesday night vocal rehearsal the team was worked on the music but also were assigned a segment to lead
  • we told them we would send them study materials later in the week for each of their sections
  • material was sent, including written out creeds, prayers of confession and statements of pardon.
  • they were told they did not have to use any of these verbatim but let the material guide their study and their prayers
  • (the scripture Romans 8:31-39 was used as the statement of pardon)

Here is the whole worship set:

Pre-service Music

The Greatness of our God 

This song is new to our congregation and we used this pre-service time to rehearsal them so that they would be ready to sing it later in the worship service.

Songs, Scripture and Prayers

Psalm 100:1-4

Now Is the Time

Glory to God Forever


The worship team member made it a prayer of thanksgiving using elements of the Apostles Creed. She finished the prayer with a call to all believers to allow God to invade their worship

The Stand 

This song helps recount the whole story of God, from creation to salvation and personal surrender

Prayer of Confession

The worship team member focused her prayer on the contrast of us as humans and the perfection of God, asking for personal forgiveness and a call for all in the room to ask for forgiveness. She concluded the prayer with thoughts of thanksgiving for all God has done for us

Romans 8:31-39. (Assurance of Pardon)

Here the worship team member read this with passion and it was probably the most moving part of the service

The Greatness of Our God

The congregation was rehearsed and therefore the music did not get in the way of their worship.



Speak O Lord 

This was introduced as a prayer that is appropriate to pray before God's word is read and explained in the sermon.



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Creeds, Confession and Pardon