Tools To Help Get The Worship Conversation Started

What the worship team at ClearView will lead this Sunday is something we have been discussing for weeks. Therefore when we arrive we have internalized the logistics and are now ready to get beyond them to enter a conversation with God. When we plan services we have to be careful that we don't put things in the service that the congregation has to work hard to learn and that learning curve gets in the way of the conversation with God.

It is our job to plan services that encourage all who are in the various worship venues to enter into the conversation with God.

It is also our responsibility to provide tools and resources that would help you engage more fully in the conversation with God.

Here are some tools that can help you prepare for this week's service:

An audio recording of last week's sermon can be found here.

Last week's scriptures: Luke 10:1-12

The scriptures we will study this week: Acts 1:1-8, Acts 8:1, Acts 13:1-3, John 20:21

The scriptures above are linked to

More detailed information can be found at

Songs that will be used in worship, listen, watch and be ready to sing

The Greatness of Our God

Holy Is the Lord

In Christ Alone

You Are

Let the Church Rise

If we were going to meet our best friend for dinner we would take time to prepare and even thing about what we might talk about. When we enter a place for worship we are meeting more than our friend, we are meeting the creator of the universe and He desires to have a conversation with us. So let's prepare.

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