But Even If...

Just this past May I was able to celebrate with my daughter as she graduated from Lee University. Graduating from college is a great accomplishment and I am very proud of her. But I am just as proud, if not more so, of what she is doing today.

Just before she graduated she accepted a position with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to be a Hands On missionary for a four month term which began mid August. Her assignment is in the mountains of Peru in the village of Recauy.

Serving in this village is not why I am so proud but rather that she is willing to be obedient to what she believes God wants her to do in this season of her life. As I have watched her mature in her walk as a Christ-follower, she is teaching me much about obedience.

While children are in your home you want to instruct and lead as a Christ-following parent hoping and praying that they will grasp on to the truths of God. We are very thankful that Meagan has done that and continues to put down deep roots in God's Word which is affecting all her decisions.

There is no greater joy than seeing your children become true Christ-followers.

While she is on this mission she is blogging as often as she gets internet access. The title of this blog post is what she has named her blog. You can find the reason for the name in one of her post. Here are links to her posts.

The Reason Behind the Name

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A Day In The Life

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I hope you take a moment and read through these posts and pray with us that God will work through her to build His kingdom.


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