Following A Guest Worship Leader

How accepting are congregations of guest worship leaders? This week I am hoping that the congregation I lead is very accepting.

I am taking the weekend off to celebrate two big events: one, my daughter is graduating from college, Lee University, and the second is mother’s day. I am fortunate that the college she attends is in the same town that my parents live. Because I work on Sunday’s it has been difficult for me to be with my mother on Mother’s Day. In fact I think this is the first time in almost thirty years.

Back to the subject at hand…guest worship leaders.

When choosing someone to fill in for me I ask these questions

  • Do they hold to the same biblical beliefs as my church?
  • Do they possess the skills to lead both the musicians and congregation?
  • Do they have the same beliefs about ‘worship’ that I do?
  • Are they comfortable jumping in and getting things done?
  • Will they connect with the congregation?
  • Will they support my ministry?
  • Are they interested in leading the people in worship or promoting themselves or their products?

This week I have asked Regi Stone to lead at ClearView and he has graciously accepted. Before asking Regi to lead I asked myself the questions above. He meets all my expectations for a guest worship leader and I feel confident that he will do all he can do to engage the people of ClearView in the conversation of worship.

When a congregation walks into their worship space and realizes someone different is leading worship what should be their response?

  • Come expecting to meet God in worship.
  • Be a participant in worship not an observer
  • Be a supporter of the guest not an evaluator

Regi Stone is a gifted musician and passionate about God and leading others in worship. Here is link to two of the songs Regi will teach the congregation: We Love You Lord and God Is Here.

No matter who leads worship at your church this weekend

Come expecting to meet God…engage to glorify Him.

Participate…don’t watch…this is your witness, encouragement to all around you.

Guest Worship Leader: Regi Stone

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