Let Your Followers Hear Another Voice

I was reminded last night how important it is for your team to hear from other leaders. Last night I invited a guest conductor to rehearse the choir I normally lead. As I watched and listened I realized first that he was very gifted and secondly that how he lead and what he was communicating reinforced my concepts and passions…the choir just got to hear them from another voice.

Here are some more observations:

  • When putting a ‘guest’ leader before your team make sure you know them well enough to make sure common beliefs.
  • Before turning the meeting over to the ‘guest’ give a brief introductory bio; including some of their accomplishments, how you know them and how much faith you have in their leadership.
  • Get out of the way. If you believe in the ‘guest’ be an observer, not an interrupter.

Here’s what I gained:

  • By choosing a qualified, intelligent and gifted ‘guest’ leader I gain more confidence from my team.
  • When the guest believes and communicates the same concepts and passions as you, your team hears them from a different voice and they might understand them for the first time. That’s a win-win for you and them.
  • When you as a leader become an observer instead of the leader you have the opportunity to be a student and learn a few things…I did.

These observations are from what I witnessed last night in a choir rehearsal; however, they can and do apply to other types of team settings.

I love being in front of the teams I lead, however, it is important that I let them hear from different leadership voices.

Do you think it is important for your team to hear from other leaders?

It is hard for you to give up time in your meetings for these types of encounters?

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