The Tension In Worship

“We recognize the tension between the concerns for reverence and for freedom in worship expression.” Of all the tension that arises in today’s worship wars, the tension between reverence and freedom of expression can be healthy.

First let me say that the tension between reverence and freedom of expression can be unhealthy if the discussion or confrontation is centered on style of music or style of worship.

The tension can be good between reverence and freedom of expression if the discussion of the two are a catalyst for and tool in planning the service. A worship service is a reflection of a relationship. In healthy relationships there is tension as we are challenged about our convictions/beliefs and how we engage in the relationship. There are times in a relationship when we enjoy quiet moments of togetherness and still other times when there is celebration.

Worship services should have these elements as well:  times when we listen intently, still others when we actively, passionately engage in verbal expressions.

Tension is good in worship if it centers on what God is challenging us to be versus what we are.

Tension is bad in worship when it is created by divisions over style or music.

Do you agree, are some types of tension good in worship services?

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