Preparing for Worship, Tools for Engagement.

The weekend is almost here. I believe it our responsibility to prepare for worship. Preparation is not just for those on stage, the musicians or the pastor. It is my quest that this series of posts can be a catalyst to help people be ready to engage in worship this weekend. This series is written especially written for the people of ClearView, which I have the privilege of serving and contains references to worship there this weekend.

A Few Questions

What are you talking to God about today?

Have you been quiet long enough to allow God to speak to you?

Are you thinking now of how you will arrive on campus this weekend?

Have you thought about how you want to enter the worship center?

Will intention to enter ready to worship make a difference?


Will it take planning and action to get your heart and mind ready to recognize God’s presence?

A Few Scriptures for to mediate on

Psalm 24

Psalm 8

I John 4:9-10

Romans 5:6-11

Luke 7

Some music to sing

This Is My Father\'s World


How He Loves

You Alone Can Rescue

We Still Use A Choir In Worship, Are We Alone?

Every Seven Days