Every Seven Days

No matter what happens Sundays come every seven days. There are not many jobs that require a big event every seven days; the creativity and delivery of a new product or production every week. Seth Godin in his book Lincpin calls the delivery of this piece of creativity ‘shipping.’ Creating on a schedule requires discipline.

Please hear me planning and leading a service is not merely a production. I understand that planning a worship experience and leading it is more than a production, however in most of today’s churches there is an element of production; gathering, rehearsing and managing resources and talent for the sole purpose of helping those gathered participate.

There is something intriguing about the fact that worship leaders are forced to create and ship a product on a schedule. I believe that this schedule is only accomplished by surrender to the God we worship. Sure we can formulate and act on a process that we have created to ‘create’ a service plan, but that is not what we are called to do. Creating a worship order and leading a congregation through the plan is only successful if we surrender from the very beginning to the One we worship.

As with any job a worship leader can become better over time at the craft, but true success in this calling is not a learned formula.

The blank piece of paper will face worship leaders again this week and it will be required that a product is shipped, but only let that happen after a serious conversation with the One we direct our worship to.

Preparing for Worship, Tools for Engagement.

1 Song, 2 Keys