Preparing for Worship: enter with expectation

The Sunday morning routine differs for many. For some there is an atmosphere of relaxation which often includes sleeping in, a cup of coffee, and a newspaper. For others, a great day for a bike ride. For some there may be a feeling of obligation to attend a church service or small group gathering. For other believers there is a sense of anticipation of a meaningful, exciting gathering around God’s Word. In the book Transformational Churches, the authors (Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer) describe growing churches that are making a difference, significant difference, for God through their ministries. Part of that description includes the phrase “anticipation permeates…anticipation charges their worship services.”

For years I have watched many of the people who enter houses of worship do so with less enthusiasm or energy than they would demonstrate upon entering the grocery store. Maybe that is the fault of we worship leaders who haven’t taught or encouraged something different.

So that brings up the questions, why do we have corporate worship and what do those who attend witness? In the same book we find these reasons and results for corporate worship:

  • God is glorified when Christians gather together to worship Him
  • People will look over our shoulders to the God of our experience. [In other words our public worship is a testimony to non-believers.]
  • Our worship provides a defense for our faith that is not man-made but is God authored and supernatural. [We gain strength from presence of God and from the testimony of fellow believers through their worship.]

The believer who actively anticipates meeting in the presence of God and engages in worship of God will glorify God, be a witness of God and testimony of faith to other believers.

Just a little more than two days remain until the Sunday morning gatherings:

  • Will you be intentional as you prepare for participating in worship this week?
  • Will you arrive anticipating a conversation with God, expecting His power and wisdom to be displayed?
  • Will you engage in the conversation of worship?

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