"I remember" a new series

Okay I am stuck on the phrase I remember... I guess it is the realization that one day I won’t...

So with that in mind I started a log of things I remember about my childhood, if for no other reasons than I didn’t want to forget. And for one other reason...I haven’t told my children these stories. This new blog series is for me and them so that we I can remember and they might know me better.

Here goes...

I remember:

our dog who visited the church members, his name was Butch. My dad was the pastor of a church in Norwood, North Carolina and somehow Butch would roam the city and visit the church members. Now these would not be day trips but week long visits. I still don’t know how he found their houses or why. We did feed him, but he still went visiting. I think he should have been listed as a staff member.

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