Preparing for Worship: I Remember

A phrase that has been coming into my thoughts often over the last few weeks is: “I remember…” Lately I have taken time to write down some things I remember about my childhood, because one day I won’t be able to remember.

The phrase “I remember” can also be a great catalyst for our worship:

I remember:

God’s holinessThere is no one like You, Holy God

God’s faithfulnessLord You are good and Your mercies endure forever

God’s provisionHe has been with me in the times filled with happiness and trouble

God’s gift of salvationMy King has crushed the curse of death

God’s answers to prayerI can sing ‘ cause you lift me up

We often plead before God, bringing to Him our petitions of needs and wants. Then it seems our memory fails soon after the answers arrive. Our daily worship and weekly corporate worship needs to include “I remember…” Because our God is always faithful, always listening and always ready to meet us where we are. He has proven all these things and they are worth remembering.

In the next few days leading up to our weekend gatherings of worship, let’s remember and then join together to celebrate by offering praise and thanksgiving.

One last thought about remembering

If God is all these things to us then He deserves an adequate response. The only response that is adequate is to be what He has called and challenged us to be: a reflection of His glory. Tommy Walker puts it this way in his song All About Your Glory.

I want to make my life all about your glory

Morning noon and night

The best I have to offer…

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