Preparing for Worship: Revelation and Response

Worship should be something we do not something that we watch. Through the 80’s and early 90’s the trend in the church growth movement was for to produce an event on Sunday mornings that people who come into the worship venue could watch without the pressure of participating, however, this is not worship.

Worship of God is based on a relationship with Him and as in any healthy relationship there is communication. It is active.

Two words can help us think of this worship communication: revelation and response.

God from the beginning of time has been active in revealing who He is. He has done so through many ways including: the created world, testimonies of witnesses of His supernatural acts, His acts of grace and His written Word.

When we are faced with His revelation we are also face with the opportunity to respond.

A well planned, God centered worship service should reflect God’s desire to reveal who He is and give the participants the opportunity to respond. This conversation of worship can take on different forms throughout the service.

  • We hear a scripture declaring God’s holiness and we respond with thoughts and words of adoration.
  • In one song we declare the saving power of God’s grace and in that same song the words help voice our surrender to that grace.
  • The sermon expounds on God’s call to a mission based life and at the end we are given the opportunity to reflect and even make a commitment to live as challenged.

When you enter your place of worship tomorrow actively look for God’s revelation of who He is and be willing to respond.


This blog is a continuation of a series “Preparing for Worship,” created for the people of ClearView Church and encouraging them to come expecting a conversation with God in worship.

For ClearView, here are some thoughts about our worship tomorrow:

  • God is the “Three in One” Father, Spirit and Son.
  • God has been and can never be anything else but faithful. It is His nature.
  • We only reflect His glory when we are willing to be changed From the Inside Out.

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