Sunday Setlists: re-presentation of the Gospel

This question has surfaced each week in my worship planning: what story are we telling in worship? Bryan Chapell in his book Chirst Centered Worship states his conviction that each worship service should be a re-presentation of the gospel. This is not the ‘gospel’ as evangelical tool but the ‘gospel’ as the story of God revealing His glory and grace and our response to His revelation. This week we chose to re-present the Gospel in this way:


Call to Worship

Psalm 118:24 spoken by the worship leader using this scripture helped the congregation see how the first song was based on scripture


Today is the Day -a choir feature with orchestra -God is in control, we have a lot to rejoice in -God never changes, we can put our trust in Him Shout to the Lord -there are songs that come and go from our play list. Then there are others that will stay around for a long time, Shout to the Lord is one of those songs. -a response to the opening song, it is here we voice our praise




Romans 10:8b-12 -a reminder of God’s provision for salvation -not only used to speak to the congregation about God’s grace but as an intro to baptism


Jesus Paid It All -starting on the words of the bridge (O praise the one who paid my debt) as a response to baptism and reminder of our freedom in Christ My Savior My God -again a reminder of God’s gift of salvation, one that we will never understand but gladly accept.



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