Sunday Setlists: May 23, 2010

I looked at the copyright date on some of the songs we used today and realized we have been singing them for years. It reminded me that the reason to use songs in worship is not because they are new but because they are good; solid theology, good melody…no matter the age. A friend of mine said at his church they use this sentence to describe the songs they use in church: ‘relevant songs from any generation.’  I can agree with that but maybe we need to use the word significant instead of relevant: significant songs from any generation. Here are the songs we used in worship today:

Song Set


Glory to God Forever

Graduate Recognition

I must brag on our video team…2 out of the last 3 weeks they have come up with a way, not only to show the sermon in two venues but also child/parent dedication and graduate recognition. Doing so has helped connect all of our venues and helped us celebrate good things together.


Song Set

*once past the Glory To God reprise we got our gospel on.

Glory To God Forever (reprise)

Who Can Satisfy My Soul Like You

We Give You Glory

Never Gonna Let the Rocks Cry Out



We use a 45 second video intro to the sermon. This gives our second venue a chance to make sure the sermon is cued and ready roll. In past sermon series we have had a producer in our congregation create this piece. At the last minute he was not available  for this series, so my office administrator jumped in and created the piece. She did great! I am very fortunate to have her for an assistant and thankful for her willingness to jump in and do whatever is needed.


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