It takes more than getting the right person for the job

In “Good To GreatJim Collins declares the importance of getting the right people on the bus (team). In “One Thing You Need to KnowMarcus Buckingham lists four basics of great managers and the first is ‘select good people.’ I too agree that it is imperative that as leaders we go the extra mile to get the right person in the right job for the good of our team, our business or non-profit. However, we do the ‘right person’ a huge injustice if the journey of assimilation to our team ends with the hire.

  • It seems only logical that there be a process of assimilation established that helps the new employee understand the culture.
  • It seems only logical that a defined set of expectations are communicated.
  • It seems only logical that a reoccurring meeting (at least monthly) is held between the new employee and immediate supervisor.
  • It seems only logical that the new employee gets an orientation to other departments.

As much as it seems logical…is this the norm in most companies?

Why would we go to all the trouble of getting the right person on our team and then just leave them alone to do their job?  Walking with them through the new responsibilities is not micro-managing; it is the right thing to do.

Sunday Setlists: May 23, 2010

Moving Faster Together

Moving Faster Together