Obstacles Welcome – A Book Review


There are a multitude of business leadership books on the market that speak in theory. There are still others that speak from observation and research. “Obstacles Welcome” by Ralph de la Vega speaks from a different voice, the voice of experience. In his book we find the story of a child immigrant from Cuba, who by unusual circumstances was sent to the United States without his parents. From this ‘obstacle’ laden journey we read of de la Vega’s rise to the president of ATT wireless.

The pages  of the book are filled with de la Vega’s personal stories that shaped his life, from the advice of his grandmother, to the sacrifice of his parents to his determination to succeed in every job that he was  placed.

The choices of business books at your local bookstore are numerous and it seems with each selection the content is the same. Ralph de la Vega’s “Obstacles Welcome” brings a fresh approach with personal insight to the genre. As I read this book I highlighted many sections and will reference them many times in the future.

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