Sunday Setlists, January 4, 2010

This post is my participation in "Sunday Setlists" a blog carnival hosted at This week is the 76th edition of this blog carnival.

A new year is a great time to add a new worship song to our list…at least we thought so. This Sunday we introduced the song “Glory To God Forever,” by Steve Fee and Vicky Beeching. I had heard a lot of comments about people using this song over the last few months; however I was not sold on how well our congregation would sing this.  I changed my mind after attending Catalyst 09 and seeing 13,000 people lifting their voices using the words of this song. Here is how we introduced the song and used it in the song set.

Opening Song
Glory to God Forever Key of A
    Two minutes before the start of service the worship leader takes a few moments to teach the chorus and bridge to the congregation. Then we jumped into a full arrangement of the song, worship team member singing the verses, this introduction week, and then inviting the congregation to stand and sing the last chorus and bridge repeats.



Song Set
Glory to God Forever (reprise: chorus-bridge-chorus) Key of A
How Great is Our God (starts on hold of last not of previous song) Key of A


    Worship leader used a quick overview of the book of Galatians and closed with Galatians 6:14 as introduction to next song.

Song Set
The Wonderful Cross
From the Inside Out

Sermon Introduction (video)

    A continuation of the series “Origins” based on the first eleven chapters of Genesis. This week Genesis 9:18-29. There were some really good points in this sermon, so I thought I would post a few of them. You can find the audio version of the sermon here.

  • Even the most Godly are prone to sin
    • Past Godliness does not guarantee future Godliness.
  • We easily become calloused toward sin
  • Sin casts a long shadow
    • Be conscious your spiritual weakness can be magnified in your children and grandchildren.   

Response time
    Opportunity is given in service for response and also there is explanation given that there is a prayer room in close proximity for further prayer staffed by trained counselors.

Make the most of Goals, talk about them

Make the most of Goals, talk about them

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