The Invisible Choir

Back in the day we preached to our choirs of the importance of being worship leaders from the time they walked onto the stage until the sermon was complete. It seemed the hardest part for most of those choirs to understand was the importance of being a worship leader during the sermon…following along…paying attention and not going to sleep. It seemed that the choir thought that once the sermon started they were invisible to the audience, when exactly the opposite was true. Every minute of the service someone from the audience was looking directly at them.

For many of us today the role of the worship choir has changed somewhat. Gone are the days when the choir stays on stage for the whole service. Yet their role as worship leaders is just as important. People are watching them from the very moment they walk onto the stage. Some things do stay the same…

In these days of fun theatrical lights and front-line singers, the worship choir still has the tendency to think they are invisible. “There’s so much going on that no-one will see me.” As much as is taking place on our stages, everyone is still visible to the congregation and they are looking to all who are on stage for the ‘cues’ to engage in worship.

So how do we get the ‘worship choir’ to understand their role as ‘visible’ worship leaders?

  • Continue to believe in the importance of a worship choir
  • Consistently remind the worship choir of its role.
  • Encourage the worship choir to be worshippers
  • Remind the worship choir that people are watching

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