Raising Up Worship Leaders

If no onehad seen some potential in me or taken a chance and given me the opportunity to serve I would not be a worship leader today.  The older I get the more I am thankful that God put people in my life that did give me a chance. I am thankful I attended a church that took a chance, putting me on stage to lead a portion of the service.


It is the responsibility of the church and its leaders to mentor others in the specific tasks of leading others.


Today at the church I serve, ClearView, we are trying to be intentional about raising up worship leaders. We are investing in the musical training of children and we are giving our youth an opportunity to use the talents they are learning to lead their peers. A year ago we made a more intentional commitment to invest in the lives of middle school and high school students, to work with them and mentor them to help them become worship leaders. In just 11 months I have been able to witness youth go from being followers of an adult worship team to leaders of their own team. They have risen to the challenge and expectations presented to them. It took a commitment from the church and the passion of a leader, Alexis Cruz, who was willing to see potential and invest time.


Long before I arrived at ClearView they saw the need for mentoring youth and giving them a place to serve. Their investment is making an impact on our worship services and others. This Sunday we will start the services with the song “There Is None Like You" (Sovereign Lord)  co-written by Chad Cates who grew up at ClearView. This song is making an impact in many congregations. Chad has written many songs that are being sung by congregations around the country including “Father, Spirit, Jesus” which was recorded by Casting Crowns. I am glad ClearView invested.


The legacy of the church and the effectiveness of the church in the future will be influenced by how well we mentor our youth and young adults. I am thrilled that our youth want to be involved in ministry and I can’t wait to see how they will impact the church and worship of the future.


My prayer is: “God give us wisdom on how to mentor our students and young adults to be leaders today and tomorrow.”

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