It's Okay To Take Care of Yourself

It's Okay To Take Care of Yourself

Photo by  Chris Lawton  on  Unsplash

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

“If you don’t care for yourself you can’t do anything else.” Michael Hyatt

That statement was made by Michael Hyatt at a luncheon sponsored by Backstage Leadership during Catalyst 09. The question posed that received the above as a response was: “Michael do you have a set of personal core values that are the foundation for how you live your life and then, in turn, help you set goals for your business life?”

Michael began to explain that he had posted some of this information in a post on his blog but the basics were: 

Put God first, yourself second, then spouse and family, and finally everything else. 

It might seem odd to think of putting yourself above your spouse or your family; however, I totally understand and agree with his philosophy. I believe that God expects us to take care of ourselves, to become the best vessel for Him. There is no way to separate the three parts of our being: physical, mental and spiritual.

Let me clarify, you can follow after God and be in a committed relationship with him and somewhat ignore your physical and mental parts. However, you cannot be the best witness of what He has done for you unless you pay attention to these two areas.  Taking care of your whole being also allows you to live to your fullest potential for him.

Our body, our total being, is a gift from God; therefore, we are responsible for the stewardship of this gift.

To be an effective leader we must first be healthy: spiritually, mentally and physically. To be effective at anything we must be healthy…totally healthy.

Do you take of yourself?






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