Catalyst 09: two amazing videos

This was my first year to attend the Catalyst conference and hopefully it will not be my last. The two days were packed with challenging presentations given by some of today's successful leaders from both business, religious and non-profit organizations.  I will have more to say about these presentations in future posts.

Today I want to give you links to two events that took place at Catalyst 09. These events are polar opposites and evoke totally opposite responses.

The first video is of Professor Splash as he sets a new world record for diving into 12 inches of water.

Professor Splash Breaks World Record! 

The second video is even more impressive as we all got to witness Jimmy Wambua a student at Moody Bible College from Kenya meeting for the first time the person who was his Compassion sponsor.

Catalyst Compassion Moment

Preparing for Worship, reading God’s Word

Roderick Award of Courage