Roderick Award of Courage

I am privileged to serve on the committee that will choose the 2009 Roderick Award of Courage. This award will be presented on March 5, 2010.


The Roderick Award of Courage is named for the valiant Civil War horse that was killed in battle while galloping to his owner’s side despite carrying three gunshots in its leg.


In 2008 Madeline “Maddie” Grayson Adams saved her choking grandmother’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver. For this act of bravery and courage “Maddie” was awarded the 2009 Roderick Award of Courage. You can view more stories about this act of bravery at


The nominations for this year’s Roderick Award are now open. The committee is looking for a resident of or someone who works in Williamson County Tennessee who has displayed an extraordinary act of courage. Nominations should be made on or before October 31, 2009.


General criteria for nominees:

  • Nominee can be living or deceased
  • Nominee must live or work in Williamson County
  • Nominee can be eligible for a single act of heroism or lifelong achievement
  • Act of heroism could have occurred outside Williamson County, i.e., military service
  • Nominee can be an individual or small group
  • Act of heroism must have taken place after January 1, 2008
  • There will no limits based on age, color, creed or religion
  • Nominee does not need to be human; it could be a pet
  • Self nominations are permitted.


Further information on the Roderick Award of Courage can be found at


The committee for this award needs your help; please consider nominating a person whom you feel has demonstrated courage.



Roderick Award of Courage on-line nomination form

Roderick Award of Courage printable nomination form

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