Preparing for Worship: one voice together.

I love the scene describedin II Chronicles 5: 13-14.


Everyone had come together to celebrate God and His faithful love: the singers, the instrumentalists and the priests. In one translation the phrase ‘one voice’ is used to describe the scene.


More amazing than the mass of persons participating in this celebration was their response when the very presence of God was recognized: “the priests could not continue their work, as the glorious presence of God, filled the temple.”


Tomorrow thousands of places of worship will welcome hundreds of thousands of people through their doors. Will we enter expecting to find the presence of God? If we realize that He is present in our midst what will be our response?


The scene at my place of corporate worship tomorrow will be a little like what is described in the mentioned scripture. There will be trumpets, cymbals, woodwinds, singers and the ministers to lead through the service. Honestly, it is a lot of fun to have that many people helping to lead the worship experience, but all of this is useless unless we are doing it for the right reason: ‘together as one voice, helping people to recognize the very presence of God.’

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