Leading through multiple crisis demands differing responses

In the span of a few days I found myself dealing with two separate crises, both could have ruined a huge event. Each needed a quick response; however, each needed a different response.

The first event was the failure of a piece of equipment. Our team response needed to be quick and it was important that everyone make this crisis their highest priority.

Here were the steps that helped our team manage this situation:
1.    quickly evaluate the situation
2.    decide on a plan of action
3.    communicate individual responsibilities to process
4.    keep the entire team informed as the action steps were carried out.

As team leader I realized my role was to help:
1.    pull the team together
2.    facilitate the discussion that came up with the action plan
3.    instill in the team the importance of the crisis
4.    follow up with each team member
5.    evaluate the end results
6.    celebrate the accomplishment

The second event was just as significant however as a leader the response had to be completely different. This event was not about equipment but about a person. Here is how I evaluated the situation and responded.
1.    recognized that the circumstance was beyond my control
2.    a personal response was needed, not one of a team.
3.    comfort and support of the individual was the priority
4.    there was a need to stay calm
5.    while offering support, I began to process a plan of action.
6.    continued conversation with the individual while offering support
7.    once we moved from the initial crisis moment, an optional action plan was implemented

Every leader will be faced with crises; however each crisis demands a unique response. Are you ready to respond uniquely for each situation?

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