Preparing for Worship: a Saturday Night to-do list

Do you have a Saturday night routine that helps you get ready for worship on Sunday morning?

Here is a to-do list that I will work through before going to bed tonight that I hope will make me better prepared for worship tomorrow.

  1. think through my early Sunday morning routine, making sure everything is ready
  2. read through the scripture passages of the last few weeks’ sermons, remembering the last sermons and what God said to me during those study times.
  3. read ahead in the book of the bible we are studying (Genesis) asking God to speak to me as I read
  4. pray and ask God to prepare my heart to be ready to receive what He has for me in service tomorrow.
  5. look over the worship outline, praying for everyone who will participate
  6. pray that God will use me to help lead those who attend into a worship conversation
  7. pray specifically for my pastor that God will continue to give him clear direction about tomorrow’s sermon
  8. pray for everyone who will attend the service that they will come ready to meet God
  9. pray for those who may come to service tomorrow who do not have a personal relationship with God, that their heart would be open to hearing from Him.

How do you prepare for Sunday worship?

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