Three Ways to Read A Book

Books_Michael_H_Smith  Over the last year I have read between 20 and 25 books, however they are not all read the same way. I have realized that I read books, depending on their topic in three distinct ways: without highlighter, with highlighter and taking notes.

Without Highlighter
These are the novels I read just for pure enjoyment. Starting at page one and read till the last page.

With Highligh
Reading with a highlighter close by ready to underline things that grab my attention

Taking Notes
This is highlighting at a whole different level. These are books that are filled with good stuff that I will want to have easy access to.  So, I go through the book again, this time in front of a computer keyboard, typing out all the highlighted sections. Or my wonderful assistant types out the notes. The notes are then filed in a folder on my computer “book notes,” under the title of the book.

At any point during the year I could be reading two or more books at a time; however they are not all read the same way.

 P.S. There is one book I continue to read over and over again and each time I am amazed at what I learn…The Bible.

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