A Caution for Worship Leaders and worshipers

What is God really saying about our worship?
Today I found a note I had written some time ago that just had these words on it: Worship Defiled, Malachi 1…so I headed that way.

As a worshiper and worship leader I was very challenged at what God stated through the writer. The passage is directed to the priests, the ministers who were in charge of the services. At my place of worship that's me.

God’s statements are something like this:

I love you!
Don’t you remember all the good things I have done for you?
Children honor their parents, a servant respects his master, so where are the honor and respect I deserve?

The conversation becomes more heated when God asks:

“Why do you despise me by bringing unacceptable gifts to worship? You might as well shut the Temple doors so that these worthless sacrifices cannot be offered!”

Okay that got me…is God thinking the same thing about what I bring to worship? I am humbled by the very idea of that thought crossing God’s mind.

As I put the final preparations on this week’s services and look toward the future, I ask myself: “have I done all I can to make sure everything is at its best?” But more importantly: “am I willing to come to worship humbly, respectfully and honoring God in everything I do and bring?"

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