Surviving and Thriving After Losing Your Job: a book review

Little did David F. Jones realize when he was asked to share his experiences about his recent job transition that Americans would be facing the toughest job market in many decades. In the book Surviving and Thriving after Losing Your Job, Jones shares of being transitioned out of an upper leadership management position; after almost 30 years in the same industry with the same company.  Throughout the book we are invited into the personal journey that Jones was forced to take. We get a glimpse of the emotions that filled the days right after receiving the news and the intentional decision to let the ‘past be the past’ and quickly move on.


There is much more to the book than just a personal story because most of it is filled with practical advice that could help anyone with a job search, whether you are recently unemployed or seeking a job for the first time. Included in this advice is: how to prepare a resume, building a network of business relationships, discovering you passions and purpose, and developing a game plan toward your next position.


Practical suggestions for a positive job future run throughout the pages. One that is not business related but repeated often is the author’s dependence on God.  It is very clear in this book that Jones understands and knows he has a personal relationship with God.  So here is a business book that gives practical advice, yet  doesn’t sell the reader on the fact that it is an all up to ‘me’ approach; but that there is a higher power we can place our trust.

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