Preparing for Worship: am I ready?

It’sThursday and time to wind down my office work week. The question that always comes up this time of the week is: “am I ready for worship this Sunday?”  For me that question has two parts: Part 1, has all the stuff been done that must be done to pull off a Sunday morning at ClearView; Part 2, am “I” ready for Sunday worship?


Both parts of the question are important but emphasis must be given to “am I, (me, not the things) ready for Sunday worship?” All the stuff can be done: tech scripts written; stage set; musicians rehearsed and even clothes decided upon, but that doesn’t really make me ready for worship.  I am ready for worship when I stay in a conversation with God throughout the week. Am I talking to Him? Am I actively listening for His voice? If I hear His voice am I responding properly?


I want to, personally, be ready for Sunday…it is such a great day to celebrate and continue in a conversation with God through worship and study with people of like mind.


If you were to ask yourself the question “Am I ready for Worship this Sunday” what would be your answer?

Worship is recognizing God

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