Leaders With Influence

When Ithink of leaders that influence my life and others that I have come in contact with there are a few names which come to the top of the list. However, this week I have been reminded of two who set the example of being leaders and true followers of Christ…my parents. 


What precipitated this reminder were connections that I have made on Facebook. As I connected with persons from different parts of the country and different periods in my life; graciously they asked about me, but very quickly turned the conversation to inquiry about my parents. There were people my parents lead as ministers in a local church and those who they mentored in a college setting and still others they met in a social setting.


Why did these people ask about my parents? I believe it was because they witnessed these traits:

  1. they have always felt a call of God on their lives and it was evident.
  2. they have served faithfully in every situation that God has placed them in.
  3. they treated everyone equally, accepting everyone.
  4. they cared about the spiritual well being of those whom they were around.
  5. they took and continue to take the Bible as the authority every situation and encouraged others to do the same.
  6. they did and do make spending time in conversation with God in prayer a priority.


These are lifestyle characteristics that will set followers of Christ apart from all others. These are lifestyle characteristics that I hope I model for those that I come in contact with.


My parents = parents yes, but also leaders with influence.


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