Preparing for Worship, it is OK to question God

This Thursday series of blog posts is directed toward the worship teams and members of ClearView Church in Franklin, Tennessee; however, the intent of the series is applicable to any person who is searching for God and wanting to have a conversation with Him.


It is very apparent from reading Psalm 3, 4 and 5 and many others that David often questioned God.  Not that he questioned who God was or that God knew the ultimate outcome, but rather the questions were “why am I going through this now” “why aren’t You answering my prayer” “don’t You hear me?”


If we are all honest, we can all say we have had those moments: questioning God, even mad at God.  I don’t think that makes us any less of a Christ follower. I believe God knew we would react this way. Why? Because He is the very one who created those feelings.


I am glad to know that I can be that open and honest with God. 


This Sunday we, ClearView, will start the service by being reminded by the scriptures we hear and the songs we sing that God is faithful; in Him there is sustaining power for any circumstance.  Those thoughts will be followed immediately with the question that David often voiced: “God do you hear me?  If so why does it seem you pass over my request?”


The second half of the service turns a different corner and helps us recall and celebrate the amazing gift of salvation and grace through Jesus Christ. 


My worship throughout the week is more of an on-going conversation with God.  I listen as I read the Bible. Sometimes I think of God and stand in awe and in silence. Other times I speak out-loud my thoughts about Him or ask Him questions and still other times I find myself singing songs. As we worship, privately, the next few days, here are some things we can include to prepare us for Sunday’s corporate worship:

  1. Pray for our leaders: ask God to give the leaders wisdom for the direction of the service.
  2. Pray that each person will come to worship with an expectation of communicating openly with God.
  3. For the ClearView teams…log on to and get more details about the service.

If we don't worship God...

Worship is giving God the best