Something is not right...

As I was walking this morning I witnessed a scene that reminded me that we really don’t have our priorities right in this country…even in Williamson County Tennessee where I live.

The scene…

As I walked past a day-care I watched as a mother helped two small children from her car.  Instead of clinging to their mother, the two little girls ran with arms wide open to a day-care worker who was headed into the building.  The worker stopped and talked to the two little girls and even picked up the smallest one. It was obvious that the girls cared for the worker and it was also obvious that the worker cared for the children.

The part that is not right…

The story about Alex Rodriquez cheating in baseball, yet getting paid millions of dollars every year and then seeing a day-care worker loving and being loved by children and my guess is she barely makes over minimum wage. How did we get to this place?

I live in Williamson County, Tennessee, the richest county in Tennessee, yet the teachers in this county are not even the highest paid in the state, much less compare to the athletes who live here.

Why do we pay athletes so much, which places value on what they do, yet don’t reward the people who care for and educate our children the same way?

It is not just the athletes…that is just one example and believe me there are many more.  I even wonder sometimes if I have come to expect too much pay for the job I do each week. I really want to continue to ask that question and be willing to give beyond what I think is required and give all I can to help others. I will continue to examine my heart on this issue.

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