A Personal Story: God has a plan

The Christmas holidays aresuppose to be a time for family and celebration of God’s gift to us.  It is not suppose to be a time when you face tragedy and the death of a loved one.  This year that is exactly what our family faced.  On the day after Christmas my sister’s 23 year old son passed away due to complications from the flu.  Many of you already know this and have been very supportive, speaking to us words of encouragement, comfort and letting us know you are supporting us in prayer.  My sister, her family and my parents still need that kind of support.


Many of you have asked what exactly happened…we really don’t know…and may never know. 


In the few days after the tragedy some of the  local newspapers ran a few articles and one of the TV stations in Charlotte North Carolina (WCNC-TV Channel - 36) did a story on the my nephew and the facts of a vibrant, full of life 23 year old dying from the flu.  The link to an article and news spot is here.


Thank you again for your prayers. 


One last thought, very soon after the receiving the tragic news my 14 year old son comforted his grandmother with these words:  “Mimi, we don’t understand it now, but God does and He has plan.” Amen.

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