The First Staff Meeting of the Year

Tuesday will be the first worship staff meeting for 2009.  Below I am posting an agenda outline for that meeting.  I am hoping that this agenda will help set the tone for 2009 and help us be prepared for both the predictable and the unpredictable.  I am also thinking that I will use some form of this outline for more than just the first meeting of the year.


  1. Prayer (there is no better place to start…thanking God for His help in the past and asking for His wisdom for the future.)
  2. The Basics (before we start any evaluation or planning we need to take a look at who we are, what foundations we stand on and what ‘big picture’ goals have been set before us.)
    1. ClearView Core values
    2. ClearView Mission/vision statement
    3. Worship Staff Core values/mission statement
  3. A Look Back (this is a look back at recent days, evaluating did we meet our objectives for engaging God in worship and encouraging the congregation to do the same.)
    1. 12-28-08
    2. 1-04-09
  4. A Look Forward (here we will look at the near future and what is planned, tweaking items as needed and discussing worship team personnel.)
    1. 1-11-09
    2. 1-18-09
    3. 1-25-09
  5. Out to the Future (a discussion where we ask our pastor to give us insights into where he will heading in future sermons in the current series and general thoughts on the up-coming sermon series.)
  6. A New Opportunity…chapel venue (early in 2009 the worship staff will face a great opportunity that will bring many unknowns…the opening of a second worship venue on our campus. As we prepare for this opportunity, which we have been doing for many months, we need to stop and review why, how, what of this venture.)
    1. Why are we opening the venue
    2. What is the goal of the ‘more traditional service’

                                                              i.      How do communicate what we are about to do?

                                                            ii.      Video introduction of service…Mark to set the tone.

    1. The first day

                                                              i.      Personnel…host, leader, ushers

                                                            ii.      Service outline

    1. Before the first day

                                                              i.      Technology

                                                            ii.      Dry runs

    1. Dedication service
    2. Dedication activities
  1. Christmas 2008 (before the busiest month of the year becomes a distant memory we are going to take some time to evaluate)
    1. What worked?  What did not work?

                                                              i.      Children’s Musical

                                                            ii.      Worship choir musical

                                                          iii.      Christmas Eve

  1. Christmas 2009…ideas for next year (for me the ideas for the next year come during the current year, but I often don’t take the time to write them down.  Even if all we do is come up with a discussion list I believe it give us a place to come back to.)
    1. Concerts?
    2. Dramas?
    3. Ministry outside the walls?
    4. Nights dedicated to worship?
    5. Christmas Eve…variety?
  2. Spring 2009 (with the opening of a new venue we are being forced to think outside of the box…so what does that look like)
    1. Worship choir lead worship service

                                                              i.      Able to lead a core group into a greater understanding of passionate worship

                                                            ii.      Always seem to be markers in the worship life of ClearView

    1. What does this look like in 2009

                                                              i.      Choir w/guests

                                                            ii.      Choir alone

                                                          iii.      When do we schedule this?

  1. Making Disciples (back to the core values…giving the staff some materials for them to review that help think of ways to be better at making disciples)

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