Passion for God

ClearView is becoming morepassionate about God each week and this passion is evident as they embrace God in worship.  This weekend many of the teams that I get to lead came together to encourage the congregation to worship. The basic mission/vision statement of the worship ministry is:  using the creative arts to communicate the never changing message of God’s love, exalt His name in worship and encourage others to do the same.  That is what I saw displayed this weekend as we witnessed talented people, in a variety of the creative arts (video editing, dance and dance choreography, instrumentalists, singers and graphic designers) giving it all up for God and the communication of His story. I am often amazed at the talented people that I get to lead and this weekend was no exception.  However, this weekend I was not only amazed but thrilled to see these teams embrace God with passion and worship Him with enthusiasm….is there any other way?  I do look forward to what God has in store for ClearView and the worship ministry as we continue to have a Passion for God and Compassion for Others.

Worship: the creative arts...talents and gifts

Telling the never changes.