Telling the never changes.

I have just finished reading through the first six books of the bible. It amazes me how many times the history of the people of Israel is repeated in these books. It seems that every mile stone in their journey they stopped and retold the faithfulness, provisions and promises of God. This weekend at ClearView the teams of the Worship Ministry will continue in that tradition.  We stop and look back at the promises of God, the promise of a coming Messiah and reality that the promise was fulfilled because God is faithful.  God provided a way for us to be a part of His story, His family by the fulfillment of this promise…His Son.


For me this time of year is often filled with too many things to do which causes me to under appreciate the season’s activities. However, I never want to be counted as one who under appreciates the reality of my Savior…the Messiah…the Christ.  For that reason I am looking forward to this weekend as I have the opportunity to worship with my friends, my family and fellow ministers as we tell of God’s faithfulness through the songs of the musical Once upon A Holy Night.

Passion for God