A Father's Wish

Two Sundays ago I was given an amazing gift.  As I was on stage leading worship I lookedout to the audience and spotted my children. My daughter was home for the weekend from college and my son was in his usual spot. They attended different worship hours, but I saw them both. What made this father thankful was what I saw, my children engaged in worship; my son singing and clapping and my daughter singing and at one point her eyes closed and I could tell she was really communicating with the Almighty. What more can a father wish for?


As a father I often wonder if I have done enough of the right things, taught my children what is important and led them to understand the things of God.  I still ask myself those questions but witnessing the events of last Sunday helped me see I just might have got some things right and I will continue to try to be the father that my heavenly Father wants me to be.

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving

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