ClearView's Core Values

For the last 10 years I have had the privilege to serve on staff at ClearView Baptist Church in Franklin, Tennessee. In that span of time I have been able to witness God at work. Henry Blackaby states the principle in Experiencing God that it is our job to seek God and then be open to His invitation to get involved where He is working. That’s how I feel about my ministry at ClearView. God was working, is working and He has invited me to join Him.

Just recently we have defined the core values that we stand on and use as a basis for all our ministries. Here they are:

  • The authority of God’s Word…it is God’s word
      •     2 Timothy 3:16
    •     “It is the substance of our teaching”
      •     2 Timothy 4:2
  • Worship in Spirit and Truth
      •      John 4:24
  • Transformed lives impacting their spheres of influence
      •     Ephesians 6:19-20
  • Taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth starting at home
      •     Acts 1:8
      •     Romans 10:14
  • Saturate everything in prayer
      •    Ephesians 6:18

These core values reflect a tag line that we have begun to use around here:

 Passion for God…Compassion for others.

We want to worship and serve God with passion and as we grow as His disciples we reach out to those who do not know Him as we do.

It is a real honor to serve at a church whose direction is clear and focused on God’s Word.

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