The Janitor

Yesterday I had some down time so I did some reading.  I picked up a book from my 'to be read' stack, The Janitor.  It is a short book, a business parable that can easily be read in about 90 minutes.  The back of the book jacket describes the book this way:

Too often we find ourselves losing sight of the important things in life - work and stress can sometimes be overwhelming. In this buisness parable, an unlikely advisor counsels a CEO on how to succeed in business while holding his personal life together.

The Janitor delivers six simple but powerful principles that actually work, giving new hope to everyone caught between the grindstones of business and family.

In the little time that it took to read the book I was once again reminded how blessed I am to have the family that I do and honored that God has placed me in a job of ministry. I was also challenged to keep a balance between both. I think I do a pretty good job at this but it is something that takes intentional thought daily.

If you have got a few minutes pick up The Janitor and read through the six principles.

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