SkunkIt happened again on Monday night, our dog got sprayed by a skunk and I saw the whole incident from across the yard.  What is sad about the whole thing is that we have become experts at removing the smell from our dog’s coat. Our expertise has been cultivated over the last 10 months due to the fact that the dog now has been sprayed three times.  No we don’t live out in the country and yes we have a fenced in backyard.  It looks to me like the skunk would have more sense than to enter a back yard where there is a dog. Then again it looks like the dog would now have sense to stay away from a skunk.

There are three things we have learned through these incidents: 

1.      Google is an amazing thing when you need some information fast.

2.      Yes the recipes for removing the skunk smell from your dog works.  The recipe includes baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baby shampoo. Just Google ‘dog sprayed by a skunk.’

3.      Placing bowls of vinegar around your house does absorb the skunk smell from you house.

 Hopefully our expertise on this matter will not be called into action anytime in the near future. But if it does we are prepared.

The Janitor

Preparing for Sunday: Part 3