In His Presence

A 16th centurymonk wrote: “I no longer want just to hear about You, beloved Lord, through messengers. I no longer want to hear doctrines about You, nor to have my emotions stirred by people speaking of You. I yearn for Your presence.”

The reality is that we are never out of God’s presence. Psalm 139: 7 says: “I can never escape from Your Spirit! I can never get away from Your presence!”

Another reality is that God at times makes a point of revealing Himself to us. We cannot predict those times, but when they come we are forever changed.

My prayer is that I become more open to seeing God’s presence…that those times when God when wants to reveal Himself to me I am looking.  How sad it would be if God wanted me to see Him and I had my eyes focused on something that blocked my view of Him.

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