More Cool Stuff About Heaven

One of the podcast that I listen to on a regular basis is “Walk In The Word” with James McDonald, who is the senior pastor of Harvest Bible Church in the Chicago area. I listen, but I often get a few days behind. This week I finally listened to the sermon: More Cool Stuff about Heaven part A and B. Not only is this sermon about heaven but part B is about worship. He has some great insights on what worship is and what it is not. He also has some instructions from God’s Word on how we should participate. You can still hear this sermon on the Walk In The Word web-site, but you are going to have to hurry. I don’t think this sermon will be available for long as a free download. The web address for Walk In the Word is If you don’t get to listen to the free version you can always purchase a copy.

Together in ministry

It is good to hear your voice!