It's In the Details

Today I was reading in Exodus again. It is hard to get through some of those chapters. The specific passage today (chapters 25-27) God was instructing the people of Israel how to establish a traveling residence for His presence, the Tabernacle. I have read this passage many times however, today I was struck by the detail of the instructions. And with the detail God revealed His amazing creativity.

This reading today challenged me to remember that the details are important. In what I do every week, planning worship services, the details are important. In paying attention to my family the details are important. In my relationship with God the details are important. It is in the details that I can show that these things have a place of priority.

God is a god of perfection and cares about the smallest detail. God is a god of perfection and He showed us a perfect love when He gave us His Son. I am not perfect, however, I do feel called to try to communicate God’s perfection with excellence….paying attention to the details.

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