It all came to a stop

I daily check out the link to the “As We Grow” page at There I get to see a real miracle take place. For the past two years we have been working to get this building out of the ground and it seems that over and over again there have been obstacles. It is a miracle that all of the large obstacles are in our rearview mirror. Things are progressing smoothly. Now and again we face small obstacles but nothing that cannot be overcome…that’s what happened yesterday. One of God’s creatures, a raccoon, decided to take up residence in the wall form that was about to filled with concrete.

The whole project came to a stop, for over an hour, as the construction team tried to rope, lure, coax the raccoon out…nothing seemed to work. As a last resort the construction team decided to fill the form with concrete, burying the raccoon as a fossil. The concrete crept closer to the raccoon eventually making contact. At that moment the raccoon shot to life, scurried up the form, away from the concrete, out the form away from the men and onto a life of freedom.

I wish I had been there so that I could have seen who was more frightened the raccoon or the construction team.

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