Visible Not Invisible

Visible Not Invisible

The favorite season for many people is fast approaching…fall. The temperatures will soon begin to drop and the daylight hours will shrink.

Even this week we have experienced a small break in the suffocating heat and humidity. For those who try to log miles early in the day those temperatures have been a welcomed break but they are accompanied by very little daylight. So much so that it has become necessary to dig out the reflective gear and lights.

Running on traveled streets requires reflective gear to be seen by on-coming cars.

Running on sidewalks requires lights to illuminate the cracks or debris that enter our path.

It will be dark tomorrow morning when we start our run, so please remember the reflective/bright clothing and the lights.

It is better to be visible not invisible.

The route for tomorrow morning will keep us mainly on streets and there is very little elevation changes.

Remember the first steps are at 5:30am, the route is five miles and can be shortened to meet your needs.


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 1.03.17 PM.png
  • L - Carl T Jones

  • L - Lendon Main St.

  • L - Ahearn Ln

  • R - Lendon Park Dr.

  • R - 4 Mile Post

  • L - Hickory Hill

  • L - Lily Flagg

  • L - Willowbrook Dr.

  • L Horseshoe Trail

  • L - Willowbrook Dr.

  • L - Benton St

  • R - Cassandra Ave

  • L - Bailey Cove

  • L - Heatherwood

  • R - Ferncliffe

  • Across - 4 Mile Post

  • R- to Petsmart

  • L - back to FFHSV

Flat and Fast - Gamin Connect Route

Dead End Circles

Dead End Circles

Introduce - Improve - Perfect

Introduce - Improve - Perfect